No Local Forecast Shown in WD

Not sure what I messed up, but for the past few days I have not been seeing my local forecast in Weather-Display. In the area where the forecast was shown scrolling it is now just blank.

How do I fix this? Thanks!

Can you please provide a link to your web site…seeing it might help to give some clues about why it’s happening.

I think I just got it… It is now displaying on the Weather-Display program. However it is not showing yet on the website.

To get it to show on the weather-display program I resetup the weather station (I chose different comm port, save, then selected correct comm port, saved then restarted the program. (Davis Vantage Pro 2 Plus) Now the weather is scrolling in there. :slight_smile:

But on the website it is still showing — (three dashes) if I look at the live console or at the weather forecast at the bottom.


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I’m not sure what the normal update frequency is for the forecast data but it’s probably worth waiting a short while to see if it updates on the next upload cycle.

And now its showing up on the website. I am guessing the local weather is only updated to the website every x minutes.

Glad its working again. :smiley:

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Ok scratch that…

After a few minutes the crawl goes away…

The rest of the data from the Davis logger continues in fine. Just the forecast stops coming in.

if I reboot the PC it works again… then stops after a few minutes.


Ok I am not sure if its a problem wit Weather-Display or my Davis Vantage Pro 2 console…

If I exit Weather-Display and start it again, the local station forecast from the Vantage Console shows up… but only for about 10 minutes… then it disapaears and is not shown in the scroll on Weather-Display or in the local Station Forecast on my website.

Exit Weather Display and go back in and it works again.

All other data appears to be pulled from the console fine, just the consoles weather report.

Anyone have any ideas?

If I do a factory reset of the console does that screw up the yearly rain total in Weather-Display?

Well this morning, I Factory reset my console. And still having the same issue.

I have no reached out to Brian, hopefully he can figure this out.