No Anemometer readings - WMR 200

Hi all

My first weather station set up in the last two weeks or so - wireless, with the anemometer and temp sensor on a 6 meter aluminium mast. Have had no problems with the rain gauge (in a different location) or from the temp sensor - but the readings from the anemometer are intermittent: I get data for a couple of hours, and then it just dies. NOTHING moved during that time, i.e. receiver stayed put. I changed the batteries yesterday (just to be sure that isn’t the cause), reset everything, worked fine till around midnight - but this morning when I checked, it had flatlined again.


Not the batteries. Doubt that it is signal strength, because everything was fine for a couple of hours, before it stopped - and it never moved.

Where else can I look?


It could be the signal strength or interference from a neighbour?

Try moving the console closer if possible, as its picking it up sometimes
it might only need moving a few inches or could be a few feet?

But thats the 1st thing you need to try…cause the signal is perhaps that weak
that it will be prone to dropping out, much like a wireless network

I have more trouble with the WMR200 anemometer than anything else, indeed the other sensors are little trouble at all. I needed to reset the rain gauge a couple of weeks ago, but don’t recall needing to do that before.

Once I’d got the initial location of the console optimised to get a good signal from all the sensors (and that took a while - at maximum range exact positioning can be critical) I don’t recall any problems with the anemometer in the first few months, but since then with the same locations the WMR200 anemometer has either started to ‘stutter’ or has simply dropped out every 7-10 days or so. On occasions where this hasn’t been noticed it has recovered after a few hours. More usually, I notice the problem, go out, take the base of the anemometer, press the reset button, reassemble, then re-sync at the console. For me with the current sensor location that’s not too much of a difficulty, but it does mean that when I get my planned new taller mast finished I don’t expect to be placing the WMR200 anemometer at the top (the WMR928 is intended for that)!

I recall someone else (kojack?) initially having problem like you describe. I think he solved them by moving the console.

So, position may be relevant, but then again there may be something more fundamental…

Thank you for the responses.

I may have found the problem: Interference from the laptop (and its wifi connection?) Time will tell, but it looks like when the two are within 30 cm or so from each other, that the weather console’s anemometer readings disappear. Will test some more, but that could well be it.


Skyewright is correct ref the repositioning of my console.

However, I believe the move in fact was the same situation as yours - the console was alongside a desktop pc running 24/7.
On reading the manual yet again there is a reference to this.

I have recently repositioned two of the sensors at a greater distance than initially and there was no loss of signal.