Newbie Question

2 questions… How do I setup and display a satellite image on my web page, and how does one setup and display the 5 day forecast. So far, I love the program, but a more detailed manual would be nice…

if you want the more difficult way… in your html editor type something like I extracted from my site…
<img src=“” border=“3” width=“640” height="480
Where the http: is the source url for your picture.
If you just want it on the page, go to ftp setup, manual setup. locate your picture, click on “have this image inserted on web page” then ok and ta dah its there.

I prefer doing the text editor and deciding where I want it, but the program does fine.

that way as the source is updated, it updates automatically regardless of what your computer is doing at the time.

I am assuming that you want your 5 day forecast on your web site? First generate the image by double clicking on your desk top where the weather icon is. That generates it.

You then can do the upload two ways…

you can have the image inserted on your page via the above manual upload method. or use your html editor and decide where you want to put it . it should load automatically.

my system does strange things so I have to go to ftp setup, then general ftp upload and have it inserted there of course I can specifiy when I want it to be uploaded and things are fine.

There is an excellent help section in progress on the WD main page that can help you through this part and of course Windy after he milks the cows, takes care of the family. be patient

I think I have the radar image set. You lost me on the 5day… what icon on my desktop?? I don’t have a forecast icon… Sorry, and thanks for being patient…

Hey, helping you is better than grading science tests any day of the week.

on your desk top (WD program) down near the lower left side, there should be some icon - a weather symbol , current condition, ok. double click there.

the forecast should be now before you.

Did you set the zone to upload like the metar? you do that under setup ftp then to metar and so forth.

yes, you can add any html code you like to datahm0.txt, datahtm3.txt (and datahtm2.txt if you have ticked let me manage the datahtm2.txt file)

5 day forecast:
you need to set a noaa zone forecast or similar file to download, in the setup, ftp/internet setup, FTP download/metar setup page
then select a location to download too, do a test, then select that file to use as the 5 day forecast file
(double click on the selected file)

then to view the generated image, click on the icon/picture on the main WD screen (but if you have under setup, summary image and icon setup do not display amy icons, then it wont be visible to click on :slight_smile: )

Hi all,

I have select the ‘middellange_en_lange_termijn.txt’ (well known to Brian :stuck_out_tongue: ) but it gives me only:

how to switch it off from WD ?
nothing in
wdisplay.ini or

is that a dutch version of the 5 day forecast?
i would then need wd to scan for the days of the week in dutch
email me the file
otherwise, to turn off, choose a dummy file, then delete that file


no first want to try with dutch words !
don’t know how you manage that but…

maybe ther’e some farmers there who
didn’t forget their native language :stuck_out_tongue: