Newbie from Australia - naththo


I am newbie to this board.

My actual Name is Nathan and I live at West Lakes, Adelaide, South Australia, Australia. I previously have lived in Golden Grove but have moved to West Lakes late 2009. Weather is so different at West Lakes and is much nicer to compare. I still own Davis Vantage Pro 1 weather station and is still going strong. I also have started putting up the current weather on weather underground since this afternoon. Anemometer still not yet put up high as 10m off the ground at the moment. So there is unknown date when dad and I will install 10m pole in the backyard and put anemometer on top of it. Temperature is a bit off by 1-2C due to backyard affect thermometer sensor that gives you bit warmer reading than official station which is normal in residential area. I will have to relocate it sometimes soon.

Have fun with weather station.

Hi Nathan

Welcome to the world of weather-watchers :slight_smile:

You’ll find a lot of intelligent and helpful people here who love to talk about the weather…and quite a few Ozzies too, so you may find some (relatively) local people who understand your environment.


Welcome Nathan - yes you have found the two common issues with weather station equipment location - higher the better for anemometer and away from trees and buildings. If mine was 10m high, I woould still have trees higher than it within 50m. And getting the temperature/humidity sensors mounted somewhere away from concrete and buildings and direct sunlight is also a necessary. It is still best out in the open, 1.5m above grass and with a proper ventilated enclosure. Most have some form of home built Stevenson shield and some use a powered fan to slowly pull air through their enclosure. Keep up the good work and welcome to Weather-Watch forum!

Tokoroa, NZ