New website up and running

My weather station and new website are finally up and running after my move from Virginia to North Carolina a month ago. My Davis VP2 came back to life yesterday. My old website is gone and my new website is Still have to clean out old files from Virginia, but I’m getting there.


Nice to see its coming along, just got to ref out the willowfarm bits now. Keep going :+1:

I’ve added your new location to the regional net. Welcome back!

You’ll need to add yourself to the Station Map, too :slightly_smiling_face:

Yeah, there’s bits of Willowsford Farm scattered throughout - cleaned up a bunch more yesterday and still working on it!

Thanks, Ken - I was going to message you about the change but you are on top of things!

Will do that right now - thanks for the reminder.

Surprisingly, the transition has been rather smooth. WU transferred with no issues (I know some are not WU fans), MADIS/CWOP responded within a day (now I have to update WD for that), transferred, etc. I’m sure there’s things I’ve forgotten but will get there. Now I have to purge all the old files from my server. I thought I had reset WD all-time records but I must’ve done something wrong - still showing records from Virginia.

I’ve been having similar problems whilst migrating the servers! I’ve created some notes over the years, but things have tended to grow organically and I’ve not always been diligent about updating notes. This time round I’ve made copious notes though…it really helps to speed things up with server moves.

Just sent a request to add my site to the maps. How do I delete my previous location?

I’ll sort the deletion out when I approve the new location.

Thanks for taking care of it.

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Fixed - new approved, old deleted.