New weather station/WxSim maps

I’ve added maps to show weather stations and locations with websites containing WxSim forecasts to the site.

The stations map was originally proposed for PWS Dashboard sites, but there’s no reason why it can’t contain sites for other software types too, e.g. WD, FreshWDL, Saratoga, etc.

If you’d like your station/WxSim wed site(s) adding to either map, please send me a message to @administrator giving the following details:

  1. Is this a weather station web site/page or WxSim forecast site/page
  2. The name of your location including state (if appropriate) and country, e.g. Layton, Blackpool, UK or New York, NY, USA
  3. The URL of the site/page
  4. The latitude/longitude coordinates for your location in decimal format, e.g. 53.825N -3.03W. Negative latitude is South and negative longitude is West, but if you add N/S and E/W then I’ll make sure the correct sign is used. You also don’t need to provide your exact location for privacy purposes. Somewhere within a mile or so is good enough.
    5a) If you want to add a station marker to the map, please let me know what software is being used to generate your web page, e.g. PWS Dashboard, Saratoga Template, etc.
    5b) If you want to add a WxSim forecast marker, please let me know what software is feeding data to your WxSim installation, e.g. CumulusMX, WD, etc.
  5. Any additional text you’d like adding. Please keep this fairly brief. People will be able to link to your web site to find out any other details you’d like them to know.

I’d like to try to make the process of adding sites something that you can do yourselves, but the current method provided by the plugin I’m using is limited, i.e. it won’t allow you to enter lat/long coordinates. I have another method in mind to do this, but it requires some development work and I don’t have very much free time right now. I’ll experiment when I get a chance, but for now it will be less work for me to add stations manually rather than writing/testing code.

Just checking. . . last I heard, you couldn’t add different URLs for different web pages to a map marker?

So what’s new: different maps for different software?

I was guessing that most people only used one kind of software. I can add marker types so they’re in separate sections of the list and also use different coloured icons for different station types. If someone has multiple software types in use and would like them adding to the map I think I have three options…

  1. Create a map for each software type (my least preferred option)
  2. Add multiple markers, one for each software type. They’d pile up on top of each other for that location, but appear separately in the list at the bottom of the page (not my preferred option)
  3. Ask that users of multiple software types create a ‘landing page’ on their site that has links to each of their sub-sites and then provide the link to that for the marker. An example of this is what Tony @BeaumarisWX has done for his WxSim link. He has many different ways to display the WxSim forecast so he created a landing page to show them and then allows the user to pick which option they prefer after they reach his site. This is my preferred option.

OK, thanks. So I’ll just stick to PWS Dashboard and trust that inquisitive users look at the Menu :slightly_smiling_face:

I wanted something easy to do this afternoon so I added a bunch of stations to the Stations map. The coordinates are from Google Maps and I’ve picked a location near the centre of the town/city the station is named after. If there are any to correct please let me know.

I’ve been finding some more PWS and Saratoga sites to add to the stations map so it’s filling out a bit more now.

If you’ve got a favourite personal weather station web site that deserves a place on the map, perhaps because it looks interesting or is in a cool/remote place then you can voluteer it to be added. I’m suggesting volunteering other people’s web sites, but as always you’re welcome to have your own added to the map. Send me details of any sites, even if you don’t know their lat/long coordinates. I’ll estimate the coordinates if they’re not known.

I like things like this!

I tend to look at some WXSIM forecasts across parts of the country to compare with mine.

Feel free to add a link to mine:

I’ve taken a guess at your coordinates and put you near the centre of Wareham. If you’d like to change them please let me know.

Nailed it!

Thank you. :slightly_smiling_face: