New weather condition images and descriptions

Is there a description of the new weather condition images and their associated weather condition. Like

image = party cloudy
image = overcast

I would like to know what image is supposed to match which weather condition. Substituting the actual image for the image above.

see under setup, summary image/icon setup, set the names for icon thresholds

it shows some of them there

hi all,

get the message

1717 no discription available (ok)

don’t know were to look for but think it has something
to do with this subject ?

where does that appear?
under view, program error log?
do you have ticked the real time java or client upload?
maybe its that

ah, got three errors now with


in the left upper corner

it’s an OK - box in the middle of my desktop
so it’s outside WD

something with a modem script ?
(have a LAN connection ticked)

someone else reports that…
try the latest vers…
its most likely the hangup.exe program to hang up a dial up modem
but if you have permanent conneciton ticked, it should not be trying to hang up the modem (latest vers of the ftp program with the latest vers of wd)

ok thanks

no more errors !