NEW: tray icon colour/size can now be customised and it shows decimal place too!

with this version update:
10.37b build 01

if set to show temperature, now the decimal place is shown!
as I figured out how to create the icon on the fly!
this is a great new feature I think :slight_smile:

customise the colours under setup, advanced/misc
(so that on Vista you can set a colour different to vista’s new areo colour (dark blue) :wink:

one problem i see now,now that I have the clientviewer using this new method:
its cpu intensive…
ah, ok, update, i have identified the cause of the high cpu in the clientviewer…uploading a new versoin now

i have this working better now…faster and less cpu use…i did it a different way…should have done it that way in the first place…
build 02 .zip ready now

Am I misunderstanding all this?
Wind direction, wind speed -mph to one decimal place- and temp to one decimal place has always been shown in the tray (or for a long time)
Colour - black font on grey of taskbar

you are misunderstanding it

new .zip update, you can now set option to have temperature/windspeed/direction/rain alternate as what is shown on the icon in the system tray (note, you need to first have ticked to show temperature or windspeed on the system tray icon in the units setup)

Hold the phone:
i needed to first delete the newly added icon image to the list…otherwise the image list was getting longer and longer…and causing more and more CPU use…which would make wd unstable
so, fixed that now, build 03
sorry about these teething problems!

just noticed the background colour for the icon does not work under windows2000
but it does with XP and Vista
note also i have updated the clientviewer version too
also, i actualy suspect this new method is using less cpu than before i made the change,too, which is good

That explains why mine would run for a short while and then quit. I will check this version out when I get home from work.

I can’t get the icon background or font colors to “stick” after shutting WD down using save/exit. I looked in wdisplay.ini, and the font size and “bold” are there …but none of the color entries. :dontknow:

[tray icon custom]

ah ok, fixed now

it was working, but after I had to redo the code, to stop the high cpu use, it stopped working
so, reset the colours again with this update
:wink: #-o

Working as advertised! :wink:

[tray icon custom]
text colour=12279296
back colour=16771304


hopefully people will get used to it, and customise it too suit
(its human nature to not like change)
have you tried the new alternate option?

I just tried the alternate option. It works …some of the data is chopped off though. Is that because I haven’t customized the data to display with my own tags?

its chopped off because the icon is only 16 wide
the customise ability is for the mouse over pop up only at this stage

I appreciate the info… and thanks for fixing the colors so fast! :smiley:

customise as in use custom tags :wink:

Mine gets chopped as well, so that I see only the two digits to the left of the decimal point… I wonder… what will happen when the temps out here in Southern California go over 100F??

try setting the size smaller in the setup, advanced/misc
so that it will then show the decimal place

I adjusted to background color of the icon to match my tray color and when I re-start WD the change I made is gone. It’s not saving the custom color I set…

that bug is already covered further up by Cirrus (i.e is fixed, latest update)

I just downloaded the latest I thought, build 5.