New smaller custombanner

Weather Strip Banner. Much smaller in size only 2kb… See signature.

looks very good too me, good work :slight_smile:

Very readable, very informative and much smaller! I’ve noticed that some pages are taking longer to display in the browser these days…not because the page data from hasn’t displayed, but because the browser is waiting for graphics (avatar or signature images) from other people’s web sites.

Yes, it’s very effective. Maybe you’ll start a new trend back to simplicity.

I will be trying some PHP created graphics soon. They will be dynamic and based off of the clientraw*.txt files. So they will also be updated more often.

Dynamic so that for example we actually get rain, it will change to highlight the somewhat rare event. Will allow the background to be changed to fit the readings etc… like bright orange when it is real hot or blues when it is getting cold.

Should be fun. Size should be similar, around 2kb

Hi Kevin !
I thought you may want to know that you need to size your banner a bit longer. When your temperature hits triple digits (Whewwwww…that’s hot !) it over-writes your hi & lo temps a bit. I copied it at about 1 p.m PDT so you can see. It still looks very nice and readable however.


I knew that was going to happen last night when I was playing around but I have been having problems with the website and couldn’t change anything.

I will fix it tonight. I found about 8 users here at work using it on their personal web pages :slight_smile:

We are going to HEAT up big time this weekend. Today was supposed to hit 107, I don’t think its going to get there though. Sat 111 and Sun Mon at 112. :onfire:

I see the website is screwing up again… @#!$%!#^$

You would think it would be easy to send a 2kb file.

[quote author=krelvinaz link=topic=9128.msg65251#msg65251 date=1116626743]
We are going to HEAT up big time this weekend.

I adjusted the banner for 100 degree days. I also added though it is not obvious, the deg change last hour in small characters under the F. Now WD version is on there as well though you would have to know what it was first.

I’m going to tweak it a bit when it hits 100 as I think the change per hour will be in the way. We are close to 100 now.

A great design. I like the idea of it being only about 2kB and the possibility of it being dynamic.
It is useful when browsing the forum to see local weather from the originator’s site.
If it is receiving data and updating from WD I should appreciate something when it’s available.(and you have time! )


I love the transparent background now - very nice.