New graph bmp for web page

in the latest version
called graph.bmp
updated and uploaded via the file #2 in the customise internet and file creation setup
for your web page

this is a good update for the Mac version :slight_smile:

Good news…I will check it out when I get back to the coach…

I will update it today to be a jpg image…but smaller in file size! (40k instead of 400k!)
check out the mirror thread on the the linux section and someone there with a example

I can now use the same method (text out, draw functions) to recreate say the summary image and even the whole screen shot image

new update ready, now called graph.jpg :slight_smile:

I will also be able to create the solar graph and real time graph and extra sensor real time graphs too

Looks like the default name is graph.gif. Should I change it to a jpg extension?

you will find that is over rided
it is created and uploaded as graph.jpg, no matter what you set in the customise internet and file creation setup, setup #2, at the moment

Ok, I found the file, it is on the webserver so editing the html now to show it.

add: showing now…wondering if any adjustments can be made to size and alignment?

add2: My console graphs do not update unless I restart WD or change the graph interval. Because of this the graph.jpg does not update either. :frowning:

Let me know if there is anything I can do/check to figure out why my console graphs do not update. If nobody else has the issue then it must be something I have set wrong…