New Flash graphs using Fusion Charts

Well after quite a lot of testing and some re-writes here is the new graph package, you can download the .zip file here and you can see the demo page (which is included in the package) here and my live graphs page on my site here.

Many thanks to Henrik for his assitance in testing these graphs.

Please unzip the package and read the ReadMe.txt file carefully. These graphs are NOT images and so cannot be included using an img tag, they are little Flash applications in their own right, which require javascript to be added to the web page, and use PHP to create the web page. Also please do not try to use any existing Fusion Chart files, you must use the versions included with this package for these graphs as I have had to modify them in order to get the demo page to validate as XHTML 1.0 Transitional on W3C. My modified files may work with other Fusion Charts but no promises!

So far I have only one additional language file (Danish thanks to Henrik), if anyone else does nay more translations please let me have the files and I’ll add to the .zip for future users.

I hope there are not too many bugs left but please let me know if you do find any.


Thanks for sharing this with us Stuart.

I will try to translite to Swedish for you


Excellent script, Sir. Thank you!!!

John Sacrey

Here is the Swedish translation.

Can’t Attach it because the upload folder is full.

// Graphs Package V2.1 16th March 2008
// Change the data for each variable to your own language and try to keep
// the text length to the same as the English so it will fit OK on each graph
// When updates are needed for new graphs additions will be placed at the end
// and can then be copied over to your existing installed file so you should not
// need to re-tailor the whole file.
// If you do not want the text to be shown simply set the variable data to ""
$txt_mth1 = "Jan";                            // January
$txt_mth2 = "Feb";                            // February
$txt_mth3 = "Mar";                            // March
$txt_mth4 = "Apr";                            // April
$txt_mth5 = "Maj";                            // May
$txt_mth6 = "Jun";                            // June
$txt_mth7 = "Jul";                            // July
$txt_mth8 = "Aug";                            // August
$txt_mth9 = "Sep";                            // September
$txt_mth10 = "Okt";                           // October
$txt_mth11 = "Nov";                           // November
$txt_mth12 = "Dec";                           // December
$txt_day1 = "M

Thanks Lars, I’ll add it to the .zip later…


Hi Stuart

Great job many thanks for sharing.

Two questions can you help?
How would I go about adding this to “carterlake templates”?
Got a alignment problem here that i can’t sort



Another great contribution to the weather community. Thank you.

  • Jim

Tony I dont use these templates myself. I’ll try to take a look and come up with an idea in the next day or so unless someone who knows them comes up with an answer in the meantime.

I cant see why the alignment problem is happening, I’ve compared your source with mine for the Rain Tanks and it’s identical. I’ll think about that one.



I also appreciate the work! I replaced my old rain graphs with the flash graphs:


In referecnce to your alingment issue. I did not notice anything when viewing the source in IE. However, when viewing the page source in Firefox I noticed a ‘.’ after one of the tags. This is what I see when I paste the section into notepad++:

Flash Graphs

Rain Tank Graphs

Otherwise all looks good to me

–Steve in Southern California.

Hi Stuart

Thank you very much for another great addition to the weather community.

Best regards,


Up and running

thnx Stuart for this addition, I like it very much !

working on dutch lang (later on multi ?)

In Flashgraphsconf.php $rain_colour set it to the colour of your choice either by selecting the correct entry from the colour array or you can also set it to a colour by using the 6 digit hex code like ‘FFFFFF’ or ’ 666999’ or whatever you like, note you do not need the usual hex qualifier (the # character).

I have added the Dutch (-nl) and Swedish (-se) translations to the .zip file now. Thanks to edje and axelvold for those.


I must be blind, i cant find $rain_colour.

And where do i change the color of the blue box?

Hi Stuart,

Great script, but can’t you change the “ALT-tags” to something meaningful in the distribution, because with javascript turned off all I see is:

chart chart chart

I know I can change it myself, but when it is done in the distribution it is easy for people.

You would be surprised to see howmany people have javascript turned off. (including me)
So it is faster surfing, and when I see a page that needs it, I turn it on.


The problem with the’alt’ tag is that I’m using the Fusion Charts code so I need to see where thet is generated. I’ll take a look and see where I need to change it, after all I have modified their code already to get it to validate at XHTML so one more wont hurt.


I can add a message but it is tricky to have it be customised for different languages. Would something like ‘Javascript required’ be OK follwoed by the chart ID (which would be in the users language).


Yes, so people know they have to turn on javascript, and they don’t think there is nothing to see.

I have just uploaded a new copy of the .zip file. The only change is that the copy of FusionCharts.php (in the FusionCharts directory) has been modified so that the message which is overlaid by the flash chart says Javascript Required and then the chartid. That way hopefully anyone who like Pinto runs with Javascript disabled will know to turn it on to view the charts. That is the only file which needs to be uploaded to your server if you already have the package installed.


Got them installed and working but trying to locate source of this coding error- “” that shows up just before the first graph.

It shows up on both the actual webpage I’m going to use on them
and running the flashgraphs.php page solo-