Need help with Rainfall Edit

Due to a recent snowfall, I have to manually enter the water equivalent to correct Jan.11 and the month/year totals. I’ve only had three days of rain this year so this “should” be easy but I’m really having a hard time. The following is my rainfall data for the year:

Jan.2 - 0.05
Jan.8 - 0.01
Jan.11 - 0.13
Monthly Total - 0.19
Year Total - 0.19

I’ve successfully edited the monthly, yearly rainfall totals so that is equates to 0.19 but I’m having a very hard time entering the rain for Jan.11 as the correction area (View–>Rainchart–>Set Startup Rain Totals) and there is no way to enter data from 2 days ago. How do I enter 0.13 for Jan.11 so my averages/extremes, detailed climate report and noaa style reports reflects 0.13?

Everything I’ve tried is unsuccessful and I’m at a complete loss on how to correct this. Any assistance is much appreciated!! :slight_smile:



Have you tried this



That did it! Thanks!