My Web Page queiry

When you show the “My Web Page” screen, all the parameters can be seen, and change and update accordingly.

At the top left is “Current Weather”. I notice the adjacent field responds correctly with the current situation, like “windy”; “dry”; “stopped raining”. What I can’t understand still is that it never says “raining” when it has been throwing it down for some time. All it says still is “dry”, which coincidently is also shown on the summary page

Is there a parameter somewhere that can be adjusted so that tis field says “raining” when it is actully doing this. I have been to the icon page and adjusted the look back for rain to 10 minutes or even less, and that does not seem to make any difference.

make sure the snow melt icon threshold is set to the default of 50, under the summary image and icon setup
(I must have told people about this 50 times now)
i,.e any rain when the temperature is above that threshold (its in oC) and wd treats it as snow melt

I have already done that Brian, as, like you said, I hadn’t done that before, and it still does not work.

it will be something else then that you have set…like using a metar or something…
export and email me your wdisplayftp.ini settings from the registry
this does work

Sorry Brian, but can you remind the procedure again to send this file to you. I know there was a special way to extract it from the registry and my brain is fuzzed at the moment.

that link is on the main wd web page too
and i must have told people the link to that 50 times too
(lack of sleep here, got 60 cows calved, mud everywhere, aqnd a water leak on the farm to cap it all off)

andy, just wondering if you sent this (and maybe my virus checker blocked it?)

and’s setup had to only check back 5 minutes to set the icon for rain…
so if you check it and it had last rained an hour ago, then it would say dry…
so i got him to extend the minutes to check back for rain, recent rauin and its stopped raining notifications (under summary image setup)