My weather site in Suffolk, England

Just done a few more bits and pieces on my weather site at

As well as the standard stuff, there’s some historical analysis I’ve just added.

Suggestions always welcome.

i see you are using an older version of WD
just wondering why? :wink:

2 reasons. 1) I’m a firm believer in the “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it” concept and 2) I actually prefer the graphs from the older version.

'Spect I’ll upgrade sometime…

once you get to use the new graphs, you will like them
especialy the mouse over data at point ability
and the new 3 hour auto scale ability
and other lines to plot
and web cam image at mouse position ability , etc etc

Great to have anothe local WD site - we used to go collecting sweet chestnuts in the autumn from Little Bealings when I was a kid.