My settings got screwed

I had a program crash that froze my computer. I don’t know if WD was going through some sort of routine or something but all my settings have gotten screwed up. There are so many in so many control panels, what I would like to do is use Time Machine and go back to before the crash and restore my setting. What files would I need to restore to accomplish this and where are the located?




What settings are you talking about or do you mean weather data itself?

More than likely I need to reset the preference file. For example when I rebooted after the crash WD wasn’t receiving data, went into the setting and the station information had been cleared. Just found out yesterday that the clientraw data was being written into the backup folder instead of the root folder where it was expected. Weather Underground data had been cleared. No telling what else is happening, I don’t remember what all was set so I just want to set WD back to the day before the crash. Don’t want to lose any of the weather data, just set back the program settings.


My experiences is that you are right, if the computer crashes this happens. What version are you on? I am on build 59 and my mac has locked up twice since which forced me to shut it off and this time I lost NO settings.

Having said that, if your logfiles and clientraw are updating, then I would assume no data loss. I don’t think the preferences you refer to are backed up, but I don’t claim to be an expert.

Btw if there is data loss, my experience is to restore both (need both) wdisplay.ini and wdisplayftp.ini - restore them from the last time machine backup (hopefully you do yours often), then get your data from whatever hardware station you use (i’m on a VP2)

I’m running version 10.37L. With Time machine all setting should be backed up so I should be able to go back to the day before. I’m not seeing anything in the preference folders so are all the program setting in the Application support folder?

So will the Wdisplay.ini and wdisplayftp.ini files have all the program settings?

What build are you using, if you click on about at the top - i’m on build 59

What piece of hardware do you use for your station (i.e. davis vantage pro)

When did this happen and when is the backup that kicked off just before the crash?

If you launch WD and manually input your settings, is your data there? Is the logfile and clientraw updating?

If so then I wouldn’t worry too much.

Davis VantagePro2, Mac OS 10.6.2, Mac Mini 1.66 GHz Intel Core Duo 2GB, WD 10.37L, WDlive 6.05

I guess I don’t know what you mean by build. 10.37L is the version of WD I’m running, it’s a month or two old. I have not lost any weather data. What I’ve lost is setting in the program such as location of ClientRaw, Weather Underground, updating WX.html files etc. While I’ve restored all the setting that I’ve noted, there may be many more that I don’t remember and I’m tired of find out days later about things that are not being updated because the setting got wiped. Soooo all I want to do is go back to the program setting that were correct the day prior to the crash which would be 4/14. Time Machine backs up every night so if I can find where the program setting files are located I should be able to restore them to 4/14 so I don’t keep bumping into “things” that aren’t being updated properly.


if there is a way I could connect into your system somehow, I would be happy to take a look

For the build (not version) with WD running click on about it will say version 10.37l Build xxx (need to know what the build is)

If you have all your data, again I would not worry. Just need to manually input them for now - weather underground etc

I am not sure there is a “settings” file that gets backed up that retains this, but again i don’t claim to be an expert. What you experienced
has happened to me. Do you have any instant msgr service we could talk live on? yahoo or something? You can send me a PM if you want
to share that info.

  • Open up time machine
  • Find the date you’re looking to go back to
  • Double click your hard drive
  • double click Library
  • double click Application Support
  • double click wdisplay

You should see the files you need, WDISPLAY.INI and wdisplayftp.ini in the folder…


Thanks, but if his data is in tact as I read it is, do the “settings” get backed up - ie. station type, wunderground settings etc

Recall dan I had some huge problems with my box crashing (power outages) and same situation. Since build 59 after a power down,
all settings were retained, so thats why i’m trying to find out what build he is on.

If his data is in tact - logfiles/clientraw etc updating, then i’m not sure why a restore from time machine is needed. Or am I missing something


OK, that worked. Data logger popped up and updated all the data since 4/13 which that hasn’t been happening since the crash. I’m sure that’s a setting somewhere that has now been restored. It’s amazing how volatile the program settings are, to be completely wiped out by another’s program crash. I’ve made a safety copy of both files for future reference.



Glad you got things worked…

So Dan, do the preference settings get stored in those ini files you mentioned?

Col, I am still curious what build you are on - not the version but the build

It’s build 47


I went to build 59 which is very nice - which you may want to consider updating to. Make sure you READ up on the installation steps first. ONLY problem I have noticed (and others) is when you have to import data from your VP to WD - there is a work around but until you know that quite frustrating.

Installation of this build is trivially easy even for a non mac guy like me (though i’m getting better and learning)

I feel your pain. I have had many instances where I got super stressed with WD. But Brian really has done a great job with it. This forum is
awesome for help and assistance.

You can “read” the WDISPLAY.INI and wdisplayftp.ini files in a text editor if you want to see what data is stored in them. The easy answer is they contain all the settings for the setup of WD and what/when/where to ftp the data. They do not contain any wx data except for the records your station has set. The actual data is stored in the .inf files.

AFAIK, the built-in databack routine has not be enabled/debugged in iWD. I have suffered the same corruption when losing power…