My page stopped working. Can anyone troubleshoot?


I haven’t done anything to update and maintain my site since 2020. I’ve tried to work through how to run an upgrade script mentioned in the PDF but I’m definitely doing something wrong.

All my PHP files are dated 30/5/2020.

Are you able to look at my station’s URL to suggest my next step on how to get up and running again?


Many thanks,

Edinburgh UK

PHP error 500 means there’s a problem in one of the PHP files. It’s not possible for us to diagnose that from the web site. If you have access to the web server logs you should see the error in those. If you can find that error we might be able to figure out what’s wrong.

  1. You are running a "very old (in IT-terminology) " version.
    The PWS_updates script was introduced with the December 2020 LTS (=Long Time Support) version

  2. You upgraded your webserver to a new PHP version and some settings in your 2004 version generate a conflict.

  3. Run . . and it will display the errors found.

<b>Fatal error</b>:  Uncaught Error: 
Undefined constant &quot;mb_internal_encoding&quot; in 
  1. Replace lines 255-259 in PWS_settings.php with the similar lines below, the function names should be quoted.
if (function_exists ('mb_internal_encoding') ) {mb_internal_encoding('UTF-8'); }  
if (function_exists ('mb_http_output') )       {mb_http_output('UTF-8'); }
#if (function_exists ('mb_http_input') )        {mb_http_input('UTF-8'); } #### 2020-12-08
if (function_exists ('mb_language') )          {mb_language('uni'); }
if (function_exists ('mb_regex_encoding') )    {mb_regex_encoding('UTF-8'); }

You probably can use the 2004 version, if no other errors pop-up.
Please move as soon as possible to the latest stable 2012_LTS version


Thanks Wim.
At least that stopped the 500 Error. the title lines open, but the rest of the dashboard didn’t load…
Will relook at it later.

Cheers, John

I will try to move to 2012_LTS version. I’m not so technically gifted but am sure I can work it out. I assume that’s a full new install that replaces all the code from current version, or can I copy over the 2004 files? Can I reuse my exisitng dashboard configuration?


Full new install. . .

BTW, I’m just along the road at Fairmilehead :wink: