my new digital camera got for my birthday :)

Pictures of around the house here this morning…peacefull rural NZ contryside :). The calf is only a few hours old too :slight_smile:

Nice pics, I think you are going to have a lot of fun with that :smiley: might want to work on the date though :lol:

yeah, the wife set it wrong 8O (always blame the wife for things like that)
its a HP R607 :wink:
now i can take decent pictures of thunderstorms etc!

How many weather stations on that house??? #-o

yup, your old wmii on the house roof, and to the right, someone elses old davis VP :slight_smile:

Hi Brian.
How many cows in your farm? Are they all cows for the milk?
How many hours on the farm and how many on WX display?
My parents were also on the farm. But it’s a hell of a lot of work.
Here in Belgium, my family had only 30 cows and calves.
Of course, nowdays, we need at least 200 animals to have a decent income.

actualy its not my cows, its a neighbours.
We now lease our farm out…could not do both jobs anymore…
average farm size around 240 cows or so , but some are 500 cows (or even 1500)

Nice photos…

How come NZ in mid winter looks better than the UK in mid summer?


yup, a high of nealry 15oC today
but rain coming tomorrow (i.e see that high cloud in the distance)
been a relatively settles winter so far…maybe spring we will cop it!
(the climate pattern in NZ the last 2 years has been all over the place! (we had a winter storm in summer and now we have had summer weather in winter )

Just like here today!

Very nice photos, Brian! :smiley:

Have fun with your new toy. :wink:


Looks great there. i guess i need to get off my butt and try to get out to NZ. ive always wanted to go there!

yup, we are very lucky to live in a nice place :slight_smile:
(we often go, wow, we are so lucky, sometimes :slight_smile: )

we went for walk down the road…
and took a photo :slight_smile:

Very nice photo Brian. Is that taken down the end of Marshall Rd?.

There is some fantastic scenery out on the peninsular.

It must have been taken before the front arrived.

hi, yes, it was on the way to a BigBay (throughs Torpey’s place (mrs Torpey was with us)), and yup, before that front arrived :wink:
yes, one of those hidden away spots…
the small lake is man made…to attract ducks…for duck shooting season! 8O

I will remember that, if I come to your part of the world.

[quote author=aardvark link=topic=10478.msg79897#msg79897 date=1124007175]
I will remember that, if I come to your part of the world.

probably best. I am going to wait until Iowa becomes a Sea Coast, but that is another story

Its a shame you have a date on the pict… distracts from the picture…