My new site with the idesign template

Hello all,

Firstly a huge thank you to Brian for getting wd to read my previously un-supported station and all the sorting out he had to do, and also a huge thank you to the other Brian who designed this excellent template.

I could not get the forecasts to work and wanted to use other data anyway, so I’ve learned how to edit parts of this template and now have it looking how I wanted.

It works best in google chrome, there are some position issues to sort out and I have some tidying up to do.


looks good thats one of best i have seen , particularly like the idea you paid attention to design without breaking out and making it a mess. awesome job congrats to you both…

Thanks for looking, Brian.

I’ve only just found out your the designer of the template ! I have Just been looking at your excellent sites.
Thank you so much for all your hard work, you have created a really great design which is easy to install too.

I will update my signature here and on other weather sites with your link

The wunderground forecasts for my area have not been that accurate, which is why I started with the forecast divs then went on as I learned
how to edit it, I know some of my code is probably not compliant, but as you said - I did not break the template.

Next for me is soil moisture, soil temp and leaf wetness that will work with wd and upload to my wu page and also to the template. It may not be possible to upload them to my wu page though as I would then be trying to upload to wu from 2 sources.


What happened? I only got server not found.

Same here.



Ah, I see.


The whole “PC hacked multiple times” thing is very perplexing :?

but then he was back again (for the 3rd time?)…but maybe not again?

Sept 6th was the most recent departure, I think he’s really gone this time :frowning: