My metar image no longer updates on the summary image

My metar image no longer updates on the summary image unless I click on the metar icon on the main display and the check both the summary image and the metar to dismiss the forms. Then and only then will my metar gif update. Any suggestions.

************ Updated *********

If I click on the main interface it updates the summary images, but as soon as the next upload takes place it is right back to NOT updating the summary image. See my web site for visual.

greg, you will need to email me your registry settings
from the registry

i have not been able to spend much time on the pc lately :frowning:
(i have to keep an eye on a crawling toddler now), and was at playcenter today, and have been trying to finish some long standing things with wd

Hey, The family is wayyyy more important than the PC stuff. I’m impatient, just my nature, but you spend time with the family and enjoy. I’ll mail my settings as soon as I get home. Thanks.

It’s still not working. The only way I get the summary image to update is to click on the icon on Weather Displays main display and it changes. If I leave the metar and summary image displayed it changes back to the partly cloudy/sunny icon?

i think its becuase you have not had any rain recorded yourself (although it does say fog), and so if you have ticked to let your station set the icon, then no rain icon is shown (but it should have a fog icon though)
i have just fixed where i was wronly unticking the override from metar if you had ticked let your station set the icon, when clickiong ok on the summary image setup
uploading that verison fix now…

i will look into the current weather saying fog should actualy set a fog icon

uploading a new verison now
also, its not going to update if you leave it visible
you need to get it to update via closing then reopenning by clicking on the main screen icon, or when it updates for a web page update
i.e, its not desigend to leave visible like that

First off I do not have ticked let my station set the icon. And Secondly the gif shows its been raining all day (.61"). I’ll try the new version but I never leave these 2 forms up. I just poped them up to show you the differences.

Brian, Let me see if I can explain what I see. First off the metar image on the main display is not updating to the summary.gif.

What I have been witnessing is if I select the metar image on the main display (to launch the metar and summary gifs) the gif on the summary image quickly changes (flashes) to the correct image and then right back to the partly cloudy image? It appears something is “OVERriding” the metar?

maybe you have it updating from the solar reading

Nope Checked that earlier???

Now my main display is not uploading? Going to try 9.40C for a while.

have you unticked use coded instead of decoded
otherwise give up, as i am about to

Yep, Unticked that earlier when you suggested that. Don’t worry about it I can live with it. Hopefully it will work itself out. Go party with the kids you deserve a break. Thanks for all the help.