My MAMBO based weather website (

Created a basic MAMBO based website using wdfulldata.xml and some custom PHP code.

looks great!!!

Verey, Very Sharp :slight_smile:

The only suggestion I might have would be in regards to the text from WDL as it is grey and black on a dark blue background a bit hard to read…

Very sharp and clean looking, not like mine at all (which is cluttered and muddied) LOL


Oh yes, great job.

Agree with jax about the WDL though :frowning:

Great to have another Mambo’er on board. Well done !

It’s good to see another Mambo weather site. I’ve never been keen on fixed width templates though. They’re OK for the screen size they’re developed for, but I always feel a little irritated that there’s so much wasted space on a bigger display.

Hey that’s Great to see another Mambo Weather Site :wink:

I use it also for my home server just in case people chase the links back from my main sites. It can be seen here

Thanks for the feedback. I do need to lighten up the WDL page. Trying to find the right shade. Mambo was an enlightening experience since I have always programmed in the vb, asp, SQL Server world. The open source stuff is great and at the right price!