MQTT, lasthr_maxgustwind contains 2 values

Using WD and sending weatherdata from WD via MQTT to my HomeAssistant setup.
When reading the MQTT-data in MQTT-Explorer, all data is OK with one value each, except from the data for “lasthr_maxgustwind” which contains 2 values, both wind-data and direction-data.
Its messing up a bit for my Home Assistant :upside_down_face:

Is this correct, or would it be better if splitted in two values ?



I think you have two choices:

  1. Contact Brian directly and ask him if he will create a new version of WD that has two extra fields containing the data you want.
  2. Investigate how to split the field in Home Assistant after reading it from MQTT. I’ve not done this (yet) for my system but I believe it’s possible using value.split().

I will try to send an email directly, and see what he thinks about it.
An second option will probably be to try to split them in HA.


What is your source file? I am not familiar with Home Assistant. However, WD is very customizable when it comes to setting up the source for MQTT. Does your setup use the clientraw as it’s source? I have a very simple page to display my MQTT values at MQTT Environment Dashboard and aside from it taking an long time to read initial values seems to run ok once it get’s going.

If it’s like my system then HA reads MQTT directly so it takes whatever WD puts into MQTT.

HA reads the actual MQTT, thats correct.

Running std WD, yes, and WD is configured to send data out over MQTT.
WD-MQTT output is configured in MQTTin.txt, where I list up all my data I need to send out from WD, based on names from taglist. Cannot see any way to manipulate these tags, or ?
WD is sending out an simple value on all tags, which I then can read in HA-MQTT.
i.e: VP2_wind = { 2.2 }
When it comes to the specific “lasthr_maxgustwind” it sends:
VP2_lasthr_maxgustwind = { 8.0 m/s W }
which make some fuzz for me in HA. I can probably as admin says, split the value in HA into two seperate strings.
Cant find any place where I can configure these details in WD. But Im not an expert configuring WD.

Problem solved.
Found another tag that fit the purpose.

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