Moving to e-rice

I made the plunge tonight. I am transferring to To many issue with my current web host and for only $10 a year plus I know a lot of people use it on this forum and seem to be happy with them.


Hope you like it, any questions just let us know.

I don’t quit understand the thing about the .htaccess. Here is the file but I don’t understand what to put in except myweb-id.

AuthUserFile /virtual/users/exxxxx-xxxxx/web/PathToYourDir/.htpasswd
AuthName “Password Protected Area”
AuthType Basic

require valid-user

Any help would be greatly appreciated. This is what I am getting when I go to my homepage. How do I transfer all my files to e-rice. Could I use filezilla to do that. I have the forums put I am puzzled.

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You don’t need to mess with .htaccess unless you need to do something special.

Yes, you should use filezilla. Note that you have to set up a login and password for ftp in your member area, it is not the same as your customer login (the one you use to get into the member area).

When you login with filezilla you’ll see 3 directories log web xxx, everything you upload goes in web or subdirectories that you create under web.

Okay that sounds easy. So basically in need to download all my files from bravenet to my computer then upload them to e-rice. Do I have that correct Niko.



This will take a while quit a few files. Thanks for the help niko


Another question Niko. I changed my username and passwords on main ftp connection and for realtimeftp but I am getting a 550 permission denied. :? I hate to ask these questions.


Did you do a change directory to the web directory? E-rice does not allow
files to be put in the root directory.

I use the cumstomise internet settings and I forgot to change my username and password and the clientrawrealtime is working as well. Still in the middle of transferring files.


I suggest you put in a support ticket ASAP to request php access to any domain that you use php to grab data from, nws, noaa etc.

I am getting a 403 forbidden error. Did I forget to do something on the e-rice side. I will get the ticket here shortly.


I have all my files transfered and WD is ftping to e-rice with no problem. I put in the ticket for the php access for NOAA. I joined the forum but still waiting for the confirmation email from e-rice. I think I am forgetting something because I am getting that 403 error as mentioned below.


Well I am up and running. Thanks for the help Niko.


your weather page loads much faster than it used to (for me anyway) :wink:

Same here Brian myself. My whole website is much faster. Good choice to move for $10 a year.


It does seem to be working very well, good job!

I had some issue with my download of files to my computer they were empty files redownloading them now just some minor cleaning up and should be good to go.


Chucks site is much faster here as well on E-rice. $10 per year eh? Wow.

Yes I would have to agree again. I was just amazed at the difference. Boy is it windy here have had 4 gust over 40 mph in the last 15 minutes. If I was out in the rural area I bet it is much higher.