Moved topic emails

Yikes, I’m getting inundated with “moved topic” emails. 150 just today. How can I put a stop to these incoming emails? And how long will this be going on?

This maybe from a few of weeks ago when Chris had a little reorganisation and archived old & completed topics.
See these threads in the Announcements section:
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Forum Changes - 6th Feb 2022 - Part 2

You can change what notifications you get in your profile settings: Profile > Modify Profile > Notifications.

Thank you.

Martin is correct. I’m moving a lot of old posts to archive boards. There are things I may be going to do with the forum that take much longer with boards that have a lot of topics/posts so I’m slimming things down.

There’s no way to turn off notifications for the messages I’m going to move so if you have many notifications enabled then you will get a lot of messages. In your case you’ve got 18 pages of notifications going back as far as 2005 so it would be worth removing some of the oldest ones and also removing notifications on posts once it’s unlikely that there will be new posts in the thread (usually a couple of months after the last post in the thread).

Just “unnotified” all 18 pages. Thank you.

Just removed 28 pages (still some left to do) but I think I removed the first page by mistake before I got the hang of it #-o

I stopped using notifications many years ago. If you access the forum regularly then it’s easier to use the ‘New’ markers and remember the few threads that are of interest. If you don’t log in regularly and want to be told about a change to a thread of interest then that’s when they come in most useful.

keep up the good work I say Chris :slight_smile: