More reports please!

Hi Brian,
I was sniffing around a weather site that is near my house and that uses VWS and they seem to have added a lot of interesting web reports - visit to see examples such as:

  1. Noaa yearly report
  2. Yearly archive report
  3. Montly archive report
  4. Daily archive report

I think some of the last 3 could be done with existing custom html tags,but not all e.g. mean/average values for a day/month.

I was also thinking it might be fun to have some custom tags to look at the weather a year ago on this day!

Just some ideas! Always good to take a peek at what the competition is doing!


but there are noaa reports, etc
see under view, averages/extreme (scroll down)
and there are lots of averages extreme tags in wd

Hi Brian,

Yes there is a monthly NOAA report, but not a year to date NOAA report.

Can you add a year to date NOAA report, or tell me exactly where it is?

Also can you add the summary from the normal report to the end of the NOAA monthly report i.e. the part with

Averages\Extremes for the month of October to 28 2002

Average temperature 17.5

click on year to date
then when finished, click on noaa style report to get the year to date

i think all i have to get wd to do now is make a cup of coffee?

Tried the YTD NOAA report - worked except for rain, which was all zeros.

Oops, I posted my reply on a completely unrelated bug report thread last week, then found it when reading through the bug reports today!

Almost! I think the rain part may not be working.