Moon icon in summary image is not showing correct phase

My summary image on the web page is not showing the correct phase of the moon at night… It seems it’s stuck on showing just a sliver. The moon is now at 10 days, 77%. The moondetail1.gif image on the other hand shows the correct moon phase. Does anyone know how to fix this?

What version of WD are you running?
My version 9.74a is like yours, no moon visible.
My version 9.75d is ok, moon 78% visable

If you update your WD version, you will have to update the “sunmoonimage.jpg” on your web page or wait until the image updates automatically tomorrow for the correct display of the sunmoonimage on the web page.

it normaly gets updated/uploaded daily at the averages/extreme reset time (make sure that is ticked under web upload times)
or if you are using the customise internet file creation and upload, its part of the misc/once a day files (i wil make it its own soon)

Updating to the latest version of WD did the trick! It’s sure nice to see that 86% moon in the summary image, it looks beautiful now. Thanks!