Monthly Rainfall Table


A while ago I asked if there could be an option to add a simple monthly rainfall total table to the webpage. I don’t think there is one, but I now saw that the data is in wdisplay.ini so I could easily grab it into a table myself.

[Rain chart]
Oct 2002=0
Nov 2002=521
Dec 2003=2903
Jan 2003=1707
Feb 2003=655
Mar 2003=993
Apr 2003=1026
May 2003=213

Is my .ini weird, or will the year for December always be +1?


the values you need to divide by 10, and they are in mm

i have been meaning to get a gif image of a graph of the rain total for each month to the web …like the new 3d rain detail graph…i could get that uploading…