Monthly minimum in reports show 0 (even the minimum is over 0)


I’ve noticed since a few days ago that some minimum temps, pressure or humidity in Reports show a monthly 0 data even the real minimum is higher.

You can check this issue (or I think is an issue) here:

I was looking for missing data into generated report archives of the web but I didn’t found nothing. What would be the problem?

Thank you.

Hi Gapito,

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Your problem is probably ? cauesd by an old version of Leuven-wuReports.

loaded script: startReports.php (101): 4.01 2018-07-22 | Release version

Those are stand-alone scripts not ready for PHP8.2
Also they are EOL but supported on the wx-forum Support of "Leuven" WeatherUnderground scripts

The version for PWS_Dashboard, is supported as is.

$scrpt_vrsn_dt = 'PWS_wureports.php|01|2021-05-16|

Download a.s.o.

PWS-Reports-History available for 2012_lts

You have to question yourself if this error is worth switching to another version.
Those specialised scripts are meant to be used by a station owner investigate the historical weather-station data. You know the zero values are wrong but are those values essential to you?

When switching to the more recent version, you maybe have to delete all current WU-data and let the scripts download it again from WU.
Do that at the end of the day as WU only allows 1500 API-calls each day.


P.S. Just out of curiosity:
Why do you warn your visitors for cookies? The current dashboard is not using cookies.

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I think the reason is that these are months that do not have 31 days.
So for the dates 29-2, 30-2, 31-2, 30-4, 30-6, 30-9 and 30-11 nothing is entered (these days do not actually exist), this is then seen as a "0.0 " temperature.
If the other temperatures are higher than 0.0 that month, then 0.0 is considered the lowest temperature at the bottom.
If there is a temperature lower than 0.0, that temperature will be then indicated.

Gr Arie


Well, I think the problem is partially solved. As Wim said “Those are stand-alone scripts not ready for PHP8.2”, and yes, I updated the PHP version to 8.2 recently. So I have downgraded to 7.4 again and it works fine.

I’m going to try the update files you have linked.

Thank you Meetera for your answer, too.

Wim, I warn about cookies because I’m using Google Analytics script to collect data from visitors :wink:

Thank you for your help.

I’d advise you to upgrade from PHP 7.4 as soon as possible. It went out of support about 15 months ago so there could be unpatched security issues with it.

Yes, I know :slight_smile: I’m a web designer and all my webs are using PHP 8 or above. Thank you for your advice, Chris :wink:

I’m a retired cyber-security manager so I have paranoid tendencies :rofl:

Although in the case of the networks I was securing - there were some pretty serious groups prepared to point their tools at us :wink:

i got a email from my host just before Christmas advising that PHP 8.0 was now EOL so updated to 8.2 with one minor hiccup