Missing metar icon display

I have one of my pc’s pulling the clientraw file from my web page. This clientraw file is created and uploaded from another pc connected to my weather station (wmr968). the metar icon display (pictures/clip art of cloudy, raining, etc…) show up on my weather display on my main pc, but not on my pc that is pulling clientraw from my web page. On this pc, if I display downloaded metars the display is normal but, again, on the main screen display (lower left) it is blank, only displaying the background color. All the data is there such as rain, temp, etc…, just no pretty pictures. If I set this pc up to pull the clientraw file directly across my lan from my main pc (not from my web page) it works fine.
Any ideas, suggestions?

On the pc pulling the clientraw file from your web page you might try Setup, TCP/IP Client/server, Turn on the

maybe email me your settings files, and i will see if i can duplicate
(go action, back up registry now, then email me the files, wdisplay.ini and wdisplayftp.reg