Minor Webcam Image Scaling Problem

This is a very minor problem but with it my website is only 99.9% perfect!!

If I click the first webcam image it pops up scaled correctly and the whole image is visible in the popup.

If I click the second webcam image the popup only shows the central part of the image not the whole.

This is obviously a setting for this somewhere but I have no idea where!!!

Checking the html of both popups, the wcam1 (on the right) has an extra setting.
This forces the image to have the real dimensions.


|$scrpt_vrsn_dt = ‘image_popup.php|01|2022-11-22|’; # nostretch + new links +timestamp webcam | release 2012_lts|
The two webcams are defined in lines 86-95

$n      = 'wcam1';
$pop_img[$n]['url']     = $mywebcamimg.$extra_cam;
$pop_img[$n]['txt']     = 'webcam';
$pop_img[$n]['head']    = '';
$pop_img[$n]['show']    = 'other';
$n      = 'wcam2';
$pop_img[$n]['url']     = 'https://www.angteck.co.uk/webcam.jpg';
$pop_img[$n]['txt']     = 'webcam';
$pop_img[$n]['head']    = '';

Set line 90 to comment (add a # on the first position)
Now the image is used as a “background” stretching to fit the pop-up.


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Brilliant - many many thanks

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