Meteoalarm CAP/ATOM warnings missing

Seems to be specific for certain areas a problem.
=> Tested settings UK111,UK112,UK104,UK107,UK105
Returned warnings for UK111 and 112 only. But not for your areas.

Feed is Meteoalarm - severe weather warnings for Europe
Have to check what dates they are using, enough time to do so with the bad weather forecasts.

If you test with the atom script:
==> It need the proxy setting
==> the data is cached in warningEU2.arr with the “active” warnings



I tested yesterday (after checking proxy) but nothing: warningEU2.arr is empty.

All EU countries (seem to) have their own interpretation of the Meteoalarm documentation.
Wrong: Belgium leaves the original and the updated warning in the stream so one has twice the information. And there is not a unique key for a message
OK: UK has only the updated message and not the original one.

So it seems i have to add a lot of settings to the scripts so that one can set filters if applicable.

I changed the ATOM-script to also accept updates, suitable for the UK.
If you want to test, remove the warningEU2.arr

Wim (8.6 KB)

Thanks, Wim, I’ll give it a go :slightly_smiling_face:

That works! Thanks, Wim.

EDIT: going back to CAP now :slightly_smiling_face:


I’m a bit confused now.
Which one can I use best in the Netherlands?
RSS, Atom or Cap?
Atom is not working for me now.


Wim suggested ATOM in the last post of this topic, but if ATOM is not working for you. . . I don’t know :frowning_face:

I will try again ATOM.
I deleted warningEU2.arr

But there is no message in PWSdashboard and a bar is still running…
May be I am doing something wrong?


There is a typo in your wrnWarningEU.php script.

#$script = 'wrnWarningEU-RSS.php';   // old fashined feed
script = 'wrnWarningEU-ATOM.php';  //     use this one if both others fail
#$script = 'wrnWarningEU-CAP.php';  // latest version

The $-sign is missing.
If you correct that it should work.

Please always post a full link to your PWS-dashboard website.
On an iPad it is not possible to find the link in your iframe on your main site.
It is also very helpful to post the setting for your warning area NLxxx?
That way I can check why it is not working.

The meteoalarm server is (at least to me) not delivering recent CAP or ATOM feeds.
All data has an end-date of March 9 or 10.


Thanks a lot Wim.
So simple.

And sorry to forget to post the full link.
Will remember it!


You can add it to your Forum Preferences/Profile so it comes up in your user card when you click on the avatar.

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No CAP or ATOM here (UK104, UK105, UK107) either :confused:

No ATOM in the Netherlands (NL018) too.
Between 3 pm and 4 pm there was a yellow warning.


Old or no data: continues to deliver at least 24 old warnings from their “new” server.
The old URL does not exists, the new URL does not have the warnings which are displayed on their website.

Also for some countries there are thousands of old warnings or “template” warnings for future use.
Both ATOM or CAP downloaded files have old data. Probably the RSS feed also as all tests returned an “empty” file

I tested the translation-improvements by setting the “current time” a few days earlier and the scripts translate the small box message OK

But I will not put them on-line as I can not test with the real-time data.
Too much risk with putting the scripts on-line which translate OK but may contain another new typo or mistake.

Contact Meteoalarm
Probably the website-support at meteoalarm is not aware of the problem with their servers. Their own website has correct recent and future data, so they use another server to get their data.

I am “off the grid” with occasionally some internet using my phone or iPad.
Maybe someone else can try to contact them.
They are located in Austria.

Will be back on-line April 8.


Just had a reply from Meteoalarm:

"We apologise for any inconvenience caused. We are experiencing problems with the feeds from several countries. It appears that the issues may be coming from various sources, and we are currently conducting an investigation into the matter. We are also reaching out to the relevant NMHSs to address the situation.

We are optimistic that all the issues will be resolved by next week."

That would be the National Meteorological and Hydrological Services I assume

I suppose “next week” is a movable feast. . .

UK Met Office issued a yellow wind warning for most of Scotland at 11:32 UTC this morning, effective 04:00 UTC tomorrow. Still hasn’t shown up on Meteoalarm, let alone in CAP file.

EDIT: now on Meteoalarm (midnight) but no CAP file.

LATER EDIT: CAP warning was showing when I got up this morning :slightly_smiling_face:

I wonder if it doesn’t appear until the effective time?

Wim’s scripts have a default setting to show warnings no more than 36 hours before they are effective. Of course, I have tinkered with my settings so that the PWS dashboard only shows them 6 hours in advance, but I should still have seen it at midnight.

EDIT: warning effective 04:00 today, my max gust was at 02:52. . .

Original wind warning was effective 04:00 to 13:00, and duly disappeared from the dashboard.

Actually it was updated at 10:47 and became effective through to 18:00. . . Now shown on Meteoalarm but not yet in CAP data.

EDIT: Never appeared in CAP. . .