Metar problem in latest version

Down loaded ver 10.37R the other day. I noticed that when I click on the main window to bring up the forecast, local conditions and the metars ( I have TWO that I download) I am no longer getting both metars, instead I get two copies of the same metar.

The one that is duplicating is the second one I have in the download list. If I look at the actual downloaded file I see the correct info for each of them…

I also noticed that the four windows do not stay put after I arrange them the first time like they used to.

I just downloaded 10.37R build 01 dated Dec 07 and it is still doing the same…


Hi Brian,
After updating to ver 10.37r bld 01 (Dec 7), I noticed the double metar issue as discribed by PDX-Mike.


Further information…

After waiting until the seconds ticked over to a new minute, the correct metar was displayed.

Humm, that’s about as clear as mud. Here’s a better go at it…

When I click on the condition icon on the main page, I get the 4 windows popping up. This is like it used to be, but the two metar windows are displaying the same information, (in my case KSLE, Salem Oregon). If I wait until the minutes refresh, (IE I opened the windows at 13:05:05 and I wait until 13:06:00), then the correct information is displayed, in my case KPDX (Portland Oregon) and KSLE.

This behavior is unlike it was in previous versions, in the past I clicked on the condition icon and the two stations metars showed up immediately.

The problem with the windows not staying put is still there…

This is not a “biggie”, just letting you know so you can look into it…

ah, I think I see what is happening
I will fix for the next update