Metar and Upload Problems

I am a little stumped here. WD is not dowloading my metar which is setup, and is not uploading on the schedule. In fact the only way I can upload is to go into actions and update the internet. This has been going on for quite awhile now. The metar has not updated since 2/3/2003.

I am using windows 98, and have a direct internet connection, which is being shared by another computer. I am not sure if that would have anything to do with it or not.

Since the metar is not downloading, the icon on weather display is incorrect since it matches the metar.

Otherwise, everything else is working great.

I am using verison 9.54, but it has been going on with other versions


So if you go in and look at the downloaded metars there is nothing?
Try another metar station, just pick any and see what it does.

Are you downloading NOAA Forecasts. I have noticed that NOAA Forecast downloads are sometimes very very slow. If you are downloading NOAA forecasts try turning that switch off. Try turning off the METAR download also. See if your files upload then. Verify that WD has the proper location for the Webfiles.

I turned off the NOAA forecasts and the metar download. Still won’t upload the data to my server, unless I force it there with actions…update internet.

Thanks for the help though.

Frustration Level running HIGH!

if you do not have ticked use weather display ftp, under connecitons, becuase you are saving the files to a server or similar, then you will need to tick still use for all other, under connections, in setup, ftp/internet setup

Thanks for the help everyone, but problem solved!!

I changed the times that the metar is downloaded, and everything is working fine now!