Message pruning

To keep the forum database size under control I intend turning on pruning of various sections soon. Topics (threads) in the: [list]Bug Reports
Feature Suggestions
For Sale[/list:u] sections will be automatically deleted six months after the last post to the topic. For example, a topic which started being discussed 10 months ago and was last commented on 2 months ago won’t be wiped for another 4 months. A topic that was started 7 months ago, but was last commented on 6.5 months ago will be deleted.

If you have outstanding bugs or feature requests that haven’t been commented on for more than six months, now is the time to add a quick comment to push it back up the list. I guess that anything that’s so far down the list is likely to be outside Brian’s visibility anyway!

As a result of this change in policy, I’ll also be getting rid of the Archived Bug Reports and Archived Feature Requests sections. Manually moving bugs/requests to these sections is too onerous!

I’ll do the first pruning run on or after 5th March, so you’ve got a week to bump any outstanding messages out of the deletion zone.

I won’t be keeping an archive copy of any messages, so if you want to keep any, please store them somewhere off-line.

with my slow internet connection, moving posts to archived takes too long, so i have not kept at it, sorry
thanks for all the work you do, for free, in the background, chris :slight_smile: