I have a total of 236 Mb of memory on my computer. When I run your program the memory drops off to around 80-120 mb. Sometimes the memory is as low as 50 mb when its running. When I click “Free memory now” the memory drops way off down to ONLY 5 MB :!: While the program is running I cant do anything else like run internet explorer, if i run internet explorer the computer will crash badly.

if you use windows 2000 or XP or NT
it shows how much memory each program uses

running WD as brand new , it uses 13mb
, and will run OK on a 48mb pc (I have it running since 29th august on 1 133mhz 48 mb, win 98SE, PC non stop with no errors reported)
For me, with all sorts of things in use, like web cam, lightning counter, extra sensors, voice, aniamted gif, it uses 35 mb

but it should not be using much more than that
there does seem to be a problem with the wmr918/68 and memory use in WD…

as a follow up, it turns out wetbulb has XP, and using task manager (use ctrl alt del to bring it up), weatherd.exe is using 13mb…so its other programs that are also hogging the memory…