Memory leak and ftp on 9.99e

Hi all

Working and watching 9.99beta, noticed a memory (leak?) from
normal 334 RAM avaible at startup to 85 RAM now
Also FTP hangs everytime at closing, reason unknown

Maybe It lost memory because that FTP still using it,
or that FTP hangs because of less memory I don’t know
Anyway back now to 9.97h with 296RAM available after 4 hours of use
what looks familiar to me.

See my configuration below

i am not sure what is happening here, and why the ftp program is not closing

Hi all,

9.99o same case
ftp hangs
Ram 66 left ! from 334 normal avaible
now back on vers 9.97h I have an acceptable of 269 RAM av.

Maybe not yet ready for a wmr900h data input.
Does n’t matter I only wanted to check out the beta versions
for you to deliver some input, Brian.

But I think my station is not representative for most people here .

Ok nice days over there
rainy as usual here, after Xmas maybe some snow

try the ftp version from the 9.97h with the latest beta