McMahon GFS 2024060912 z Missing - Last was 2024060906 z

McMahon - Last Good GFS was ( 2024060906 z ) and Last Should Be ( 2024060912 z )

Note: this was Checked at 2024-06-09 19:06 UTC.

It is possible that the Data was running Late and may now be available.

Note: this is an automated Post, check data to ensure it is correct!

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I’ve had a database accident :exploding_head: I’m just about to restore the data and then I can re-run the download jobs.

I’ve restored the database. I just need to wait for the download jobs to start up.

This issue affects both GFS and ECMWF data.

Today’s 12z GFS data is now available. The 12z ECMWF data should be available in about 30 minutes.

Today’s 12z ECMWF is also now available so things are back to normal.