McMahon - ECMWF Mix Run 12 z Missing - Last was 2023-11-12-06 z

McMahon - Last Good ECMWF Mix Run was ( 2023-11-12-06 z ) and Last Should Be ( 2023-11-12-12 z ).

It is possible that the Data is running Late.

Note: this is an automated Post, check data to ensure it is correct!

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The 06z data was available at 21:36 UTC

12z yes Chris, seems something is going on.
Looking back through Stuarts McMahon GFS/ECMWF Log files all are running later recently.
This issue I have is that I already run my forecasts an hour later than I used to, that was purely to accommodate the new ECMWF Mix, though I starting to think as I don’t really want it, should I just revert back to GFS 100%, means dropping the ECMWF checks though ?

And I suppose what is the long term future of it all, will GFS eventually drop off the perch ?