Maybe not really a bug , but still

I’m wondering : has anyone else had any problems wih the midnight reset lately ?? I installed WD 9.79e today and got a memory read error at midnight and the program closed on me (about 25 minutes ago ) . Now I have to tell you : I also installed a TRUST spycam 300 today and a logitech cordless desktop . The camera isn’t plugged in however so there can’t be some conflict with that . Update : I can’t even start up WD now I get this error now just after it’s started up . Also : I used Logitech equipment before when WD was running and never encountered this problem before . Does anyone have any experience with this problem ???I’ll send Brian a screenshot of the error in any case just in case he can fix it when knowing the memory - address…will keep you all posted on what results I get …( or Brian will )