Maximum gust last hour and a ws2310

This happens to me in BOTH the windows and linux version od WD. After being up and running for a couple of days, the maximum gust last hour sticks to the maximum gust today value. This only happens with the ws2310, never with my wm918. This value does NOT get reset at midnight.

Ok, i have changed the code a bit and that should help…for the next version…(i check for the top of the hour earlier in the sequence)
i am not sure why it only happens for your 2310 station…possibly becuase the program has to work harder for that station

I was looking at Kenneths ws 2300 read/write code, I see what u mean Brian! :slight_smile: I know what all the 06’s are about now anyways :?

re the solar thing,…i dont know how to split it…like you suggest…brain too foggy after getting up at 4:30am…becuase it was calf club day today…and Amelia one a cup and 2 ribbons for her calf too :slight_smile:

HI Brian


Congadulations to Amelia on her “winning” calf !!




thanks mikey
i will get a photo up…
jeep, try a new 9.94e

Yes Congratulations to Amelia! :slight_smile:

(I’ll bring the solar to a new thread to let you know what I’m doing…)

errr… well, the 2310 is on the linux box.

amelia is on the right


jeep, is the latest linux version zip better for the ftp?

No, I’m getting TWO ftp windows opening at the same time.
alltimerecords.png & alltimerecordsmonth.png are the same.
The graphics are still pretty messed up. I’ve got it updating at

But I’m still using the windows version to update my regular website.

everything loooks at at the monent, just looked
execpet the all time records month
i will fix that
and the large dailyhi lo image

what are your settings on your summary png in linux? Mine becomes full screen with odd percent and numbers in the window.

this is doing ALL kinds of weird stuff. When it creates the graphics, they flash up on the screen 3-4 times. It’s deleted wdisplay.ini twice now. Any time I make a change, and it tries to write to wdisplay.ini it drops out of memory. When it tries to ftp, it drops out of memory. (ftp does complete tho…)
It sometimes appends the latest web page to the previous one instead of overwriting it.
Heh, except for the max gust last hour, it was working fine until I turned the ftp on!

Good those are the same errors I have been getting. I totally reinstalled it and the same errors reappeared. There seems to be more interest in it now, so maybe it might be a project Brian can work on (dumb for him to work on it if only a few people are using it).


i have just checked your page again jeep
ok, i see that you have windows on windows

i would not use or display those parts of the program graphics that do that
but instead show the same info in text format, using the custom web page, and use the graph only images, which are not affected, and the individual dial images, which are not affected, and the 3d graphs, which are not affected
until i can find a solution (which might take a while)

heh heh heh, It’s ALIVE!! I turned the main internet switch off and it’s still uploading!
I cleared out all the times under web files upload times and it’s still uploading!!

I unchecked “I have a perminent internet connection” and it’s still uploading!

thats probably where some of your problems are coming from…do you have the customise internet file creation and upload switch ON and times set there?

see here:

i am not the only person trying to find a solution to getting the image of the window

no, everything is turned off, and I just had 5 ftp windows open.
I deleted everything from the webfiles directory, except wxlocal.html and it ftp’d.

email me your wdisplay.ini file

there is another way i can get around the windows capture problem:
by drawing text directly onto a image, and then saving that image
but it would take alot of coding

some good news
i have a graphing component that does what the real time graphs do in the windows version (i.e real time graph and extra sensor real time graph)
by the end of the week i will have it working