%maxgustyest% not correct

%maxgustyest% reports 18.1mph at 23.32 (Dec 19th), as does dailyhighlowbaro.gif

Averages and extremes reports
19 08.7

The real value is 20.7 by the way!

%maxgustyest% gets it value from the daily high /low window
and the daily high/low window gets the max gust yesterday from the max gust for the day at the reset time

the daily high/low window’s data is updated at the time the max gust was recorded.

the log file , used for the averages/extrerme, gets updated each minute, and is the max gust for that precedding minute of the all the values recorded

there are only 3 places wd stores the data
the log file, the wdisplay.ini file and the graph files (.inf files, which the log files are based on so they share the same data)

some the discrepencioes will be from rounding errors, possibly
the raw data is in kts
try displaying kts for aday and see what happens

I understand what you are saying. The problem I have is when I show this my web page to my friends they say “why was the max wind different in this place compared to that place” - it’s hard to explain!

Let me clarify the specific issue I raised.

At 11.59 on 12/19 the custom web tag for the max gust today (%maxgst%) read 20.7mph at 23.32

At 12.15, on Dec 20th, %maxgustyest% read 18.1mph at 23.32.

I would expect this to be simple, at 00.05 you would copy the value/timestamp of %maxgst% into %maxgustyest% , then set %maxgst% to zero and set the timestamp to 00:05.

For some reason that did not happen. The reason I brought up Averages/Extremes was because there the max gust speed for Dec 19th was correct. So apparently %maxgustyest% does not come from Averages/Extemes either.

I have no idea where the value of 18.1 came from - as Spock would say on Star Trek, it does not compute! There has to a bug somewhere.

However the wind has calmed here now, so I will not be able to do much on this until another storm system moves through.


ok, i will check the roll over of that gust values
but its time to milk dem cows…

there is life jim, but not as we know it