Maintenance time soon so some ?? also spider repellent?

Hi folks, i will be pulling the mast down soon cause during the warmer months when there is no wind, i have spider (web) issues on the anemometer, both direction and cups, so looking for a long lasting solution other than joining fibre glass poles and a clothesline pole (=9m) with a soft brush on the end, please?

My davis speed is probably around 3 years old now, should i be pre-emptive and get a new cartridge? i still get 1mph winds at times but i also see it stopped (dead calm) for hours (not spiders) whilst the Ecowitt WS80 at only 7ft registers 1 to 4mph.

I also hope to be cleaning and renewing the fan for the FARS and moving it from 3m up the mast down to 7ft but i want your thoughts on that so i will add some images so you can get an idea but basically, where the 7 ft pole is its a sun trap as there are 6ft fences to North (10ft away) and east (8ft away) and to the south, about 8ft high summerhouse (poss higher) about 10ft away, so the 7ft pole gets the sun all year round and a restricted airflow.

I chose the current FARS positions of 3m (guestimate) up the mast because the summerhouse roof is directly below it so i needed to offset the radiant heat from that. The problem with it being that high is that the low temps when colder than around <3C are around 1C warmer than the temps on the 7ft pole and one of those sensors is a Davis waterproof probe, in total there are 3 temps on that pole, Ecowitt, OS, and Davis (the latter 2 are in a homemade shield) and at night and when cloudy, they are all pretty much spot on within 0.1 to 0.3C. SO which are incorrect for 2m temps, those 3 or the FARS at 3m. I am inclined to say the FARS due to the height.

Then to make matters worse, i will be putting the WS80 at the top of the mast so that temp sensor will be erm, irrelevant lol

Images to follow later, thanks