MacBook Air with Weatherflow

I have been running WD 10.37Mac360 on a 13 year old iMac for a number of years without issue. It has been remarkably stable. My weather station is a Weatherflow Tempest.

As the iMac is starting to show its age I installed the lastest WD from the App Store. Version 10.37 Mac build 404. All is well except for one issue which is driving me nuts (not a long drive).

When trying to set up wxlocal I can not set up more than 9 pages. As I have a number of pages numerically higher than 9 and I am at a loss as to what I am missing. If I place wxlocal11.html (for instance) in my web files location it does not upload as wx11.html as I can’t setup #11 in advanced internet settings tab 2

I am probably missing something obvious and will be appreciative anny advice.

In Weather Display, go to the Advanced Internet Settings (usually found under the Control Panel or similar menu). Look for the section related to wxlocal or custom web pages. When you place a file like wxlocal11.html in your web files location, it should indeed upload as wx11.html. Sometimes, updating to the latest version of Weather Display can resolve compatibility issues.