Luftdaten Update time

Hi there
is there a way in the PWS dashboard (I’m sure there is) a way to change the refresh time for the file luftdaten from 2 minutes to 5 or 10 minutes?
Reason is as its set to 2 mins it never updates in PWS dashboard until at least 7 - 8 mins, so therefore lately there is always a red exclamation mark. I tried deleting the status.arr file but it makes no difference. ( have looked at all the load files etc with no luck).
WIM will know im sure…

Around line 51 of PWS_settings.php, I think:

$luftRefresh    = 120;

I think you need to delete status.arr again after making the change. . .

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Right that’s the only file i didn’t look at, didn’t think it was in there. Well Done BOS.

Just changed the refresh, so wait and see now