Loss of log / data files

We have had a severe thunderstorm that has shut down power to a lot of southern Western Australia for last 5 days.
My area power was out for 29 hrs, and Davis pro 2 on battery for this period, but no WD.
When power restored things returned to ‘normal’, and now I find that I am missing a lot of log files
I have no log files for period 2nd to 17th, and 19th.
I also have no data files for same period.

Does any know of why this should have occurred as when power went off it was instant , as if the switch was flicked …??

Is there any way to recover from backup data …??


Make a copy of the databackup12024.zip in the data backup folder before WD overrights it when next backup due then unzip and the log file will be in there check the last entry time and date in the 12024lg.txt and note, then put that put in the the get data section of the datalogger section of WD shut down WD and copy the log file 12024lg.txt and 12024vantage.txt across to the log file folder then restart WD once the down load has completed run the convert to log to graph option for both files the vantage file uses the solar button

Thanks for your reply …
I copied the file to another directory and looked at the 12024lg .txt file and it starts of on 16th of month @16:06 …?? (Power ent off on 16th @ 12:24 approx - Davis logger on battery kept recording )
data is there up to todays date when i copied.

Looking at WD log and data files I see today that I have now lost the 20th day that WAS recording yesterday, when I wrote first message.
Log and Data file for this year are ONLY 1st,18th, and now 21st

It appears that the daily log / data files are not being saved for some reason.
This maybe a bigger problem with WD due to power failure corrupting files ??
Will await suggestions before re installing current updated WD.


Further to this problem, my rainfall ‘Detailed rain chat’ data, the first 3 days show “----” instead of “00.0”,
and I can not correct to show “00.0”

other readings are OK

I know this doesn’t help your current situation, but because I had similar issues with WD in the past, I found running a daily backup and saving my WD files in the cloud can mitigate the corrupt logfiles. While the files in the databackup folder are supposed to provide the safety net, they can sometimes get corrupted, especially with a non-graceful WD shutdown. I backup the entire wdisplay folder monthly and do a daily backup of all changed files. Since I use Microsoft OneDrive, it’s easy to copy c:\wdisplay to a OneDrive folder each night using a differential backup.

Checking again now no data / log files for 21st … BUT I have 500 plus file in my datafiles directory with the following details.

Month1264997latesttime.inf      1/01/2024 8:58 AM    Setup information    916kb

The “month” goes from 126499 to 1265534 and “time” section of date time goes to 12:01 AM … ALL of same date.

ALL have a size value of 916 kb…

You will note the “Month” value goes UP as the “time” value goes BACKWARDS …??

This has me totally confused !!!

That file does not look right should look like

This suggest to me that the computer may have suffered corrupted files not just WD although there is a WD section in the windows registry that could be corrupted you could try the databackup122023.zip for a reg file prior to outage just double click to install

This reg file in 122023 appears to be of same size and I have changed them over …
will see what happens