Looking to let this site go http://wxflint.co.cc

Looking to let this site go http://wxflint.co.cc need more space and bandwidth for another project.
You will have to move the site files and database to your own hosting you will get cPanel user name and password to create a backup to move the site.
The domain name is registered @ http://www.co.cc/
I will look into a transfer or I can just point the Domain name to your name servers.
As you can see below the site gets a lot of traffic. if your interested please let me know…

I am not looking for nothing for this site just want to see it continue and wanted it in the hands of a weather related person


I should could be interested :slight_smile:
Could fit quite well beside Nordic network and my own wx-site :slight_smile:


Are you going to continue to use wxflint.com? If so I don’t know how many users would correctly remember the unusual .co.cc domain so there’s quite some potential for confusion.

Yes Niko I am keeping my domain wxflint.com. (wxflint.co.cc) is not a sub domain of wxflint.com The site could always be used on another domain

Anybody know what happened to the weather ranking site?

I asked the samething a few days ago in the other forum, and he hasnt responded about it.

Wxflint’s Top100 have now moved and continue running on http://www.nordicweather.net/wxlist/ :smiley:

DNS’es for forwarding are still in progress to get trought the net. Also finetuning of the template are still a bit work in progress but mainly it should work now. :slight_smile:


Looks like its up and going