Log files

Convert .log files to .data files does not work on latest version…

there has been no change to the code
and I have tested here and it works OK

It does not work for me. What I have to do? Please give me some advice. Thanks.

I;m sure you know that the logfiles are not .log but have a .txt file extension, as you can see your screen grab, and they convert to data files with a .inf file extension not .data .

On the screen grab, if you want to convert a logfile (.txt) to a datafile (.inf), you just select the correct .txt file from that list and select convert, and it will do the job in seconds.

If you want to convert a datafile (.inf) to a logfile (.txt), you need to tick the first tick box option where it says 'I want to convert a data (graph) file (.inf) file to a log file instead … and the list of files will change to the .inf extension, and then again just select the file you want to convert, and select Convert

Hope that helps


if you could .zip and email me your 52017lg.txt file, I will test here

The problem was because I did not switch the “Log file in US” into “Log file in metric”. My apologies and thanks. #-o