Locking up at 12:07 AM since the NOAA warning fix

Things were running well up to the time when the NOAA Alerts started causing the locks. After Windy fixed that I thought all was good, but now I’m getting lockups after the 12.07 daily resets… Most I can go is two days before it locks up.

I thought it might be the metar log(s) as I kind of recall them getting to big and causing problems, so I renamed them ( I track two metars so there are two logs) but that hasn’t helped. I suspect that it’s a file that is getting too big or isn’t getting reset properly, but at a loss as to which one…

Just downloading the April 26th build now…

I find mine has rarely run more than a week without some sort of stall at that time.
A simple ‘fix’ is install ClickOff this will close any ‘confirmation’ windows and WD restarts with no problems (usually).
The only indication anything happened is that the data counter will be lower next time you check.

which build were you using PDX-Mike?
its not clear

Was running 10.37Q b 41, I think… am on 10.37Q 42 now.

Mine usually runs for weeks, I usually only reboot for MS “fixes”, and since XP is now past it’s prime there aren’t too many of those. So maybe once a month I check for updates on WD, and updates from MicroSoft.

I thought everything was fixed. But it locked up again this morning at 0007 again.

I usually fire up WD and then minimize it with the windows minimize button on the title bar, then maximize it from the windows task bar when I want to see what’s going on…but for the past few days I’ve been using the show/hide function on the WD icon in the system tray. I did manage to go for at least 3 days that way.

I finally locked up yesterday morning at 0007, and I downloaded the latest update, installed and started it back up. I used the show/hide method, and checked it once or twice during the day, I tried to “show” it again early this morning before I went to bed, but I could not get the show/hide to pop from the icon in the system tray.

I had to bring up task manager and find the WeatherD.exe process and kill it, then restart. On restart it showed downloading from the vantage2 form 00:07…

To me this behavior is indicating a memory leak or trying to read/write to a file that is too large or locked for some reason. I just am not sure where to look…

Update… Locked up again yesterday, looks like it went a week between, either tah or it only locks up on Tuesdays??

Restarted it, this time I’m running is minimized via the normal Windows “-” method. Was using the systray icon to hide it.

Had to restart PC today. Virus scanner need major update to program. Downloaded and updated WD (I see that Windy has build 43 out and that he reduced number of timers…)

check what programs update on tuesday or similar
also what antivirus program?
there are recommended ones to use with WD

Looking at the Tuesday thing now… Been so long since I’ve had problems, may take me a while to remember where to look.

AV is Vipre form Sunbelt software, been running it and WD for years with no problems… Have entire WD directory excluded from scan. And the scan is set to run at 3:00am

Well I went through all my settings and did not see anything that referred to Tuesday. But I did find that some of the webcam stuff was turned on, I turned it off since I don’t have a webcam any more.

It made it past last Tuesday with out a hitch. So I don’t know if it was the webcam setting or the newer version (37Q build 43 from May 31st {my time LOL}).

Just updated to build 44 a few minutes ago, since I managed to trip a breaker and shut down the PC…