Local Weather Summary Resizing Itself

Immediately after I have set up the weather summary screen and opened it, it looks more or less as I want it to. After a minute or so it refreshes and moves its border and, during the daytime, the window also resizes. It appears that it is largely saving what I have formatted but then deciding to change it on the first update.

Night time as it first opens

Night time as it changes on its own on refresh cycle.

Daytime, as it first opens. Not sure if the Hi and Low temperature records have resized themselves or I did it by accident.

Daytime, as it changes on its own on first refresh cycle. Both the border and the window have shrunk to the edge of the graphic and in so doing cut off a section of the title


it does auto resize to show the sunset/sunrise and moon icons
you can unset it to show those at night time

Just done some experimenting to see what would happen if I moved the main weather icon further to the right. I was hoping that this would stop the window resizing in past the RHS of that icon. That was not so as when it resized the weather icon disappeared altogether.

This indicates that the window resizes to a fixed size irrespective of how you arrange things within it and the user must therefore arrange everything within that size if they want it to still appear when the moon icon is not visible. Is that meant to be the case?

While I have seen the moon icon I have not seen the sunrise/set icon, does that appear automatically at sun rise/set or do I have to switch it on somewhere else other than Main Screen Icon Setup/Summary Image area? Ignore that, just seen sunset.