Live from Colonia de Sant Pere / Mallorca

Hi Guys,

very big thanks for helping me to bring Colonia online. I hope you are satisfied with it.
No I have the time to continue the Rest…

I would very much like to recieve your feedbackssss…

Is it possible to check if my Station is the first knowing Station from Mallorca / Spain?
It would be a kick for me !!!


excellent website Marcus :slight_smile:

unfortunately I think there is another personal weather station on Mallorca - someone has an Oregon Scientific WMR928(N) in Santa Maria del Cami which is listed on Wunderground for Palmas de Mallorca

sorry to be the bearer of bad news :frowning:

all the best

Hi Martyn,

thank you very much. It is no problem for me. So mine is the first in the East from


seems that way - does the geography of Mallorca mean the weather in the East is quite different to the West?

I have never been to the island.

i don

Works from here. Whats the webcam pointed at? :smiley:

For those of us geographically challenged, where abouts is Mallorca??

I was lucky enough to spend a week in Palma in the mid 70’s Just awesome…

G’deal Marcus…


Hi Dan,

Mallorca is in the middle of the mediterran sea / spain…
Sunny Place…


When I was there as near to paradise as I had ever seen… hated leaving.

Great folks too!


Thanks for the info…I finally found a map that showed me where the islands are located.

That map had me fooled for a minute or two. I thought “What’s that island called Eivissa?” Then I realised it’s the one that’s more commonly called Ibiza!

I went to Menorca on holiday two years ago. I’ve been to Mallorca (Majorca) twice…but in the early 1970s before it got really busy.

You might be able to claim to be the first WD site from Mallarca …

agreed - the other wx station i mentioned appears to have VWS images on its site!