Linux serial ports, general question

On the Linux Weather display, there is a selection of TWELVE (12) com ports. I know that “Com1” corresponds to /dev/ttyS0 because I hooked my weather monitor II to that port and it DID work. My question is:
WHAT is the correspondence to the other ports. Normal hardware has at most 4 serial ports, /dev/ttyS0, /dev/ttyS1, /dev/ttyS2 and /dev/ttyS3 (on Linux numbers start at zero!). Do these continue up to /dev/ttyS11? How are they mapped. Of course, given that others desire to have pseudo ttys (as I do) can I just put in symbolic links? Why isn’t there just a place to enter the port (a string?)? That would make it easier, and allow for ANY port.

I also desire to “remote” my port on a single line serial port server, connected over a network. This port has an IP address, and a socket number, using the TCP protocol. Am I dreaming?

I’ve got a program that allows me to connect to this port by using a “dial” string, but it appears that dialing out isn’t suported either.

Problems abound!!

p.s. If you want to put the ‘wdisplay’ directory ANYWHERE, change the line that reads:
export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=~/wdisplay/deploy/
export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=pwd/deploy/

It works very nicely for me!!

actualy i think the port numbers 5 and up and just what has come across from the windows version port to the linux///

I’m new to this, I just got my VP2 setup the other day. I would like to use Linux as a server for WD but I’m having trouble getting the application to recieve data from the station. I loaded Mandrake 10.1 to try and make all this work, but no luck so far. The application seems to run fine, just no data from the station. I have updated permissions for the applicaiton, but I think its related to my connection. I am connecting via USB and not a serial connection. I tied loading additional USB modules, but so far nothing has helped.

Has anyone had luck with Linux and a USB connection to a VP2 or am I stuck with XP?



does davis have a linux usb to serial driver?
you could get a serial data logger instead…

Mandrake 10.1 .They have a 10.2 beta out !0.2 seems to work better with the USB ports. Try that see if that works

Ok, I’m downloading the 10.2RC now to see if that helps.

is that what you did with the win version, used a usb to serial driver? are the commands actually different?

On the Windows machine that works fine, I am using XP SP2, WD 10.23j, and used the USB device driver that came with the Davis WeatherLInk software so the system can see the USB device. If you don’t use their device driver the system will not work on the USB port, just like the behavior I’m seeing on the linux server. I’m beginning to think I should have purchased the serial version instead. Oh well, live and learn.


I talked with folks at Davis yesterday and they indicated they do not currently have a USB to UART driver for the USB data logger and Linux. They said at this time there are no plans to support Linux, but they may if there was enough customer interest. :frowning: